PowerVu code entry for the V8 Golden

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PowerVu code entry for the V8 Golden

Postby Feralkiwi » Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:09 pm

You can search the net for the codes you need.
On Google I use search words like: "101w" and "powervu" or the channel name.
When you find and open a page use the "Find" feature on the browser to find "101".
This saves looking through the whole list.

For example:
From this site: anis-sat.blogspot.co.nz
I find the codes for some PowerVu channels on Satellite SES1 @ 101.0W.

SES 1 & DirecTV 4S/8 at 101.0°W
Scripps Networks
3980 H 30000-5/6
key 00 909DD8F17BCFA7
key 01 B18FC4A6AC0859

SES 1 & DirecTV 4S/8 at 101.0°W
4020 H 28000-3/4
key 00 5BB685E40EAABD ; ECM Key0
key 01 96D71BE6B2F98F ; ECM Key1

For manual entry you need to do the entry twice, once for idx 00 and another line / entry for idx 01.
You need to add the TP info and satellite longitude as you enter the code with all the semicolons and colons (; and :)

eg; for the "KeyData" for idx =00 enter like this:
909DD8F17BCFA7;2590:03980:30000:H ; Scripps Networks

909DD8F17BCFA7 the key code,
2590 the satellite longitude. Example for 105.5E = 1055, for 19.2W 3600-192=3408, for 101.0W 3600-1010=2590
03980 transponder frequency
30000 Transponder symbol rate
H transponder polarity
Anything written after the last semi-colon (;) is not used and is a reference of what the code is for, eg "Scripps Networks"
You can leave off the " ; Scripps Networks" or " ; DirecTV" when doing a manual entry. That is useful when using the softcam.key file on your computer.
Picture of the "KeyData" line in the V8 Golden entry screen for the "Scripps network" code.
IMG_6623.JPG (235.34 KiB) Viewed 4118 times

Picture of the "ADD" Powervu entry screen with the code as it is needed for the "Scripps network" code.
IMG_6625.JPG (226.54 KiB) Viewed 4118 times

You will also need the idx "01" code entered on another line.

eg; for the "KeyData" for idx =01 enter like this:
B18FC4A6AC0859;2590:03980:30000:H ; Scripps Networks

When both lines have been added the Conditional Access PowerVu list on your V8 Golden should look like this:
Picture of the Powervu code list. Lines 57 AND 58 (idx 00 and 01) make up the full Scripps network code.
IMG_6627.JPG (275.75 KiB) Viewed 4118 times

The easy way is to type the lines into "Notepad" on a computer and save the file as softcam.key
Start this by "Exporting" your softcam.key file from the "Conditional Access" menu onto a USB stick and open it with Notepad on your computer.
Then add the extra lines you need, save it as "softcam.key" and then "Import" it back into the V8 Golden.
Watch that you don't get too many duplicates of the same keys.
Remember the V8 will over write any softcam.key file already on the USB stick. I rename and save my files as backup.
Softcam.key files are the same for both the Freesat V7 and V8. You can load a V7 softcam.key file into a V8 and V8 into a V7.

To add lines to your softcam.key file they should look like this.
P 0000 00 909DD8F17BCFA7;2590:03980:30000:H ; Scripps Networks
P 0000 01 B18FC4A6AC0859;2590:03980:30000:H ; Scripps Networks
P 0000 00 5BB685E40EAABD;2590:04020:28000:H ; DirecTV
P 0000 01 96D71BE6B2F98F;2590:04020:28000:H ; DirecTV

Good luck

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